Hi Folks! 

I promised you all not one but two separate NEW books this fall and I did NOT disappoint. The second edition of the one and only original SHANE is out! You can find out all the information here on the publisher website.

The first Shane book, which I published in 2007, was a labor of love and of learning, and I wrote it in graduate school, when I was a much better cartoonist and storyteller than I was an ethnographer. When I was approached to update the beloved classic edition, I had mixed feelings– on one level, it needed updating, but on another, it was an absolutely massive job that was intimidating as a scholar, artist, fieldworker and creative person who is– like so many creative people– so in love with my character and the world I have made for her. But, needs must when the devil drives and I sat down and got it done.

The new edition is fantastic and completely, totally new. Longer, better, sharper and updated for a new era of ethnographic learning and fieldwork, this volume shines. I honestly think it may be my finest work yet. I hope you all love it as much as the original. I think I do. If you want more details about what is different, what is the same, and what is brand spanking new, check out the website or peer squinting into the tiny screenshot below. 🙂  

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