Month: April 2020

On Fearlessness, or Chickadees

On Fearlessness, or Chickadees

This week’s Helpers cartoon focuses on the fearless chickadee. I used to live in a little house on a remote dirt road. At that house, there was a wooden post cover in the center of the yard that had a perfect little round hole in 

A love letter to parents

A love letter to parents

Today’s cartoon in the Gazette is my favorite one so far. And it’s not just because I am the single mother of three little girls, or because my work as an anthropologist focuses on parents and their children fighting for the side of love in 



I’ve been so busy drawing I have not had a chance to post the latest comics from Helpers Among Us in the Hampshire Gazette. So here they are in a great big pile.

While the news cycle rumbles along noisily–but blamelessly– with hourly updates about how many millions of people are unemployed, the tens of thousands who are sick, dead or dying, and the grievous miscarriages of trust and human decency, I have seen so many people doing so much good that I am left drawing night and day. There is much more good happening out there than bad. Trust me, I’ve been overwhelmed by it. But telling stories and exploring complicated times and truths using words and pictures is what I do as an arts-based researcher, so this is just another piece of my day job. But what a restorative piece it is.

Spotted by a postal worker in Florida!

Everyone loves their Mail Carrier

You can view this work on the Gazette at the links below!

Crying amongst the mini-cucumbers

Hold the Door

Music and Yaks (well, no real yaks)

All Hail the Mail Carrier

The first one!

And Big Y loves me back!

It is important to note that among the most tireless and at-risk helpers are some of the lowest paid and most vulnerable professionals in our communities. There are lots of ways to be a hero but here are a few places to start:

Donate to help:

Support Craig’s Doors and other community organizations that serve our homeless friends:

Support the Food Banks here and everywhere

Donate Blood:–covid-19–and-blood-donation.html

The pandemic conditions make the world a dangerous place for people experiencing domestic violence. You can help locally here: and also reach out to these organizations to find out how you can help