I offer trainings, workshops, and other kinds of support for schools, school districts, legal and medical practices, and other businesses and community groups who want to work more effectively with transgender, non-binary and other gender diverse young people, employees, stakeholders, and/or publics. I am available to work with your entire staff, or to support individuals, teachers, communities, families or others to develop a better understanding of gender diversity.

For more information please contact me at sallyann@umass.edu

Folks I have worked with say all kinds of nice things:

“I’m a gay man and I joined this presentation just to see what would be discussed and to see how appropriate everything was and I just want to thank you for being so respectful and presenting everything in a digestible manner. A lot of non-LGBTQIA+ people tend to not understand everything and even when I try to explain it to them they get very confused. It’s nice seeing someone not part of the community explain things so nicely and effectively for people. Thank you for that.” -[Anonymous training participant]

“Thank you so sincerely for yesterday’s visit! It was invigorating and I know my students were moved not only by your methodological depth but by the courage with which you have approached your academic work. Many of the students felt inspired, one of them even mentioned that she could now see herself becoming an educational researcher and considering a doctorate. This has been a huge leap in her own journey to make sense and deconstruct what it means to belong in academia when coming from a marginalized community.”  – Professor Cristina Valencia Mazzanti, Smith College

“Whip-smart. I could listen to her all day.”
“After my HR team attended Professor Galman’s training we invited her to do a site visit to review our physical plant and gender inclusivity policies. She spent two days with us and helped us write and put new policies into practice, making herself available to our staff and clients when questions came up. I have never seen approachability and dedication like this before– all with down to earth charm and grace.”

“The parents who attended [the training] have been emailing me all day about your presentation. We are going to need to do more of these. So many great questions, and what you didn’t know, you found out for us. I appreciate that more than anything.”

“Charismatic, engaging, even funny, but so honest and open. I learned so much about gender diversity. She met us where we were and helped us learn how to support families who are also still learning.”
“F****ing brilliant.”
“Four years later I still call Sally for encouragement and she never lets us down.”

“ROCKSTAR! The training was extremely informative, and so necessary. I came away ready to better serve all kinds of youth after just two hours. Can’t wait to hear her speak again.”

“This training was amazing. You could not tell that there were 200+ people in the room because I felt that she was being so real, so present, and sharing with us all not only information but her own experience.”

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  • Hi,
    I am the Director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence. We strive to be inclusive and welcoming, but obviously have a lot to learn and figure out. We teach the OWL (Our Whole Lives) curriculum at different age levels, including k-1 right now. The curriculum is old and therefore does not do a great job of incorporating different gender identities into the story. Our facilitators are pretty adept as adding this in, but it would be helpful to have a more formal training. There are also older members of our congregation for whom this is new, but want to understand. I am curious if you would be willing to come in to do a training? It probably wouldn’t be until the next school year (2018-2019). Thanks!

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