My new chapter on arts-based research has come out– and the fancy hard copy text arrived at my door this morning. I’m delighted that my chapter, which is a comics-based how-to and discussion of CBR methods in educational research in particular, is included in Jason DeHart and Peaches Hash’s edited volume, Arts-Based Research Across Visual Media in Education: Expanding Visual Epistemology- Volume 2. I’m right there in the beginning so you can’t miss me.

Here’s the official text description:

“In company with its sister volume, this book explores arts-based approaches to research across media, including film and comics-related material, from a variety of geographic locations and across a range of subdisciplines within the field of education. This second volume has a focus exclusively on visual output and image-based research and methods.

The book aims to highlight some of the approaches that are not always centered in arts-based research. The visual takes center stage as authors lead with comics-based representations, among other forms of arts-based inquiry. These chapters follow on from the first collection and serve to expand thinking about merging creative methods with analysis and exploration in the world of education. From mixtapes to the curatorial, these chapters showcase the ways in which scholars explore the multitude of human experiences. This second volume covers, among other topics: comics in qualitative research, visual journaling, multimodal fieldnotes and discourse, and creative visual outputs.

It is suitable reading for graduate students and scholars interested in qualitative inquiry and arts-based methods, in education and the social sciences.”

I had a great time writing and illustrating this and I hope you enjoy it.

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