Comics everywhere!

Comics everywhere!

It’s springtime and comics-based research is popping up everywhere kind of like those tulip bulbs we forgot we had planted in an odd shape on the front lawn!

First of all I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the GloTech (Global Technology for Social Justice Lab) Launch, hosted here at UMass Amherst this past Friday. Hosted beautifully by Professor Seyram Avle and Professor Matt Bui, I offered a quick and dirty guide to using hand made folded paper zines to support election integrity. After all, drawing and making your own books is action. I learned so much from my fellow presenters and also from the participants. There is a lot to learn here for me. Check out the amazing work they are doing:

Secondly, the nice people at SEAMEO have invited me to talk about comics and cartoons and teaching and research in the context of early education and care. I have so many friends in this part of the world, and so much to learn from the innovative, powerful work SEAMEO is doing. Can’t wait!

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