Comics and Ethnography at Oxford

Comics and Ethnography at Oxford

I was very excited to be attending and presenting a work-in-progress paper at the Oxford Ethnography and Education conference this coming week at New College, Oxford University. This conference is a highlight of my year: It’s a chance to workshop and improve a paper while also connecting with good friends and spending time in my favorite city in the world.

This is one of the reasons it is my favorite city.

This year I also offered a pre-conference workshop on comics and ethnography! It’s a little bit about storytelling, a little bit about how everyone can draw, and a lot about the power of comics. The purpose of this workshop is to open up a methodological discussion about the role of the visual arts in ethnographic research writ large, and then to practice using drawings to work with our data using strategies from creative nonfiction writing and arts-based research work. You can read more about it here:

Telling stories and making art together is the most wonderful kind of play. If you would like me to visit you at your institution and offer a workshop like this for your group, please drop me a quick note at

The workshop went beautifully. Look at all the nice things we got a running start on making!

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