Ahoy, matey!

465096479_7qYyt-M-1It’s time for the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, this year in Washington, DC during the first week of December. If you are in DC, I encourage you to come on down to the Marriott Wardman Park to hear me talk about my ongoing work with children’s cultures, gender and early schooling. You can hear my talk, “How to be a pirate: Using pictures and words to destabilize ‘patriarchal constellations’ in preschool” on Thursday at 11:00.  This paper is part of a special session, perpetrated by myself and my partner-in-art Mathangi Subramanian, called, “Producing disruption, subversion and other really good stories: Ethnographic storytellling and fiction as alternatives to production-as-usual.”  Not surprisingly, we aim to throw a spanner in the works. Come see for yourself.



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