Trans Day of Visibility

Trans Day of Visibility

It’s Trans Day of Visibility. Just yesterday my daughter had her hormone blocker implant topped up. No big deal at all. But as we were leaving the surgeon said, “I’m so glad you don’t live in Arkansas. Then this wouldn’t be allowed.” So very right. The accident of geography means that my child gets to live.

Transgender people constitute something like .2% of the population and yet the right wing hatemongers in the United States are obsessed with them, or so their hate legislation suggests. I call it “hate legislation” because a lot of it is introduced or even passed knowing that it cannot last– either it will be struck down by higher courts, or it won’t even make it that far– but the point is to scare, to intimidate, and to signal to a malevolent base. Meanness is the point.

My father’s home state of Tennessee is a hotbed of hate legislation, and consistently has some of the worst outcomes for American trans and gender diverse people on every available index ever since we started keeping records. That’s massively bad. And it is no accident. I’m ashamed of you, Tennessee.…/transgender-rights…/index.html

I keep fighting hard and you can too. Donate to the ACLU. Call your legislators. Write letters to the courts. If you know anyone who votes in these places, get them to call their legislators. Organize boycotts of products from these places. Scream in the streets. Refuse to cooperate. Get unruly.

Check out this link, which is from February but if you scroll all the way down, you can find information not just about hate legislation, but also places to donate to stop it cold:…/anti-transgender…/

Let’s show these bastards what we’re made of and who we are fighting for. I see you.

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