Art heals the world! Podcast edition.

Art heals the world! Podcast edition.

Oh my goodness! I was interviewed for a very fancy podcast a few weeks ago and here it has emerged, just in time for Pride. It’s about art, and how to do research with children, about hard conversations, about decolonising our practices, about joyful awkwardness, about transformation and about healing. Have a listen.

S2 Ep. 19 Exploring PRIDE in HPP: Comics-Based Research with Sally Campbell Galman

In this episode, Dr. Campbell Galman helps us explore their new paper and the role of comics. They explain the process of moving from words to image, as well as the nuances of working with children. She describes wedges as simple machines for transgender and gender diverse children to tell their stories.

This episode features the article “Wedges: Stories as Simple Machines” by Sally Campbell Galman.–19-Exploring-PRIDE-in-HPP-Comics-Based-Research-with-Sally-Campbell-Galman-e1jjvq9/a-a82lnu1

Stop barking up the tree that doesn’t care. Make art. Let go. Be healed.

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